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Gbassay Sessay England

Who do you think is the best Sierra Leonean football player ever?

I was born in the late 70’s so I have a brilliant idea about the likes of Ishmael Dyfan and co, so here are my picks for the Sierraexpressmedia.com poll. (Mohammed Kallon played only briefly in Salone, but will include him under striker).  (Photo:  Lamin Conteh, aka Tumbu)

The following players have been pick by Bittar. SEM Correspondent

Best Player:

  1. Gbessay Sesay. (At his peak in 1985, was the best I’ve ever seen, unfortunately his peak was short)
  2. Atto Mensah (Ghanaian was eventually naturalised; probably the best considered career wise,
  3. Junior Tumbu
  4. Junior Parade
  5. Momodubah Kamara (Hugely talented Fisheries player
  6. John Ajina Sesay
  7. Tibati Saidu Kanu
  8. Umaru Kabia
  9. Amadu ‘Rapel’ Kamara
  10. John Dumbuya

Best Goalkeeper:

  1. Brima Attouga Kamara
  2. Osiao Marah
  3. Macauley Coker

Best Strikers:

  1. Mohammed Kallon
  2. Lyndon Thomas
  3. Abdul Cole.
  4. Umaru Kabia (played also as a winger)
  5. Chico Myers was the best finisher ever I have seen in Sierra Leone Football to date, but an average player, but the boy could finish. John Dumbuya.

Best Midfielders:

  1. Gbessay Sesay
  2. Atto Mensah
  3. Abu Gbator Sesay (Tumbu also played on the wings so decided to omit him)

Best Wingers:

  1. Leslie Allen.
  2. Short Abu Sankoh
  3. Balla Kargbo ’Keita’ of Blackpool.

Best Defenders:

  1. Fode Sesay
  2. Joseph Toby
  3. Abu Bakar Tostao Kamara.

If you disagree with Bittar’s picks, send us your pick to info@sierraexpressmedia.com or SierraExpressSL@aol.com

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