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Literacy Teacher Cover Letter

Literacy Coach Cover Letter

The resume and cover letter are two sides of a coin. Both are equally important; it is based on the quality of the cover letter the employers may open the r�sum�. The cover letter is an important business letter. It plays a crucial role while applying for any job opportunity. In the cover letter, you need give the account of your most relevant educational and professional performance. You must address the employer and let him know how you got to know about the job opportunity and how you fit to this job opportunity.

You must try to use the words, which were used in the advertisement to ensure to convey that your professional experience and skill sets are very much relevant to the job advertised. You must mention your past achievements which can make the company hire you. The cover letter should not merely be a tedious and lengthy description of your profile but it should emphasize on your most significant experience and abilities. The cover letter is mostly of single page.

The resume is compared with the CV in most of the counties through it is shorter than the CV. The r�sum� is usually of one to three pages. The resume means breaking down what you have done in the past. In case of education, you need to start with the highest level of education followed by the other degrees and courses. It is important to note the things in the resume, which you can do rather than just overstating the things, which turned out a fiasco in the face to face interview. There are several types of r�sum�s the most prominent being functional, hybrid, and reverse chronological resume. The reverse chronological resume structures the candidate's professional experience in a reverse chronologically. Generally, it cover your last 10-15 years of education.

The literacy coach cover letter is written with response to an advertised job opportunity. Like any other cover letter, it starts with the contact information and salutation line. In the body of the cover letter, we need to mention the pertinent job description such as helping to research the material, which is used by the teacher for teaching, providing innovating literacy practices through programs, giving coaching lessons to the students and teachers, and conducting professional developments programs. You are also required to highlight the major skills and abilities of the candidate. In the conclusion part of the letter, you need to focus on the next course of action that will be taken by the candidate.

Sample Literacy Coach Cover Letter

Ricky Jose
1 Becton drive
Franklin Lakes, NJ-90324
Phone: 904-120-9032
Date: Jan 12,2012

Arnold Botha
Director of Elementary Education,
103, College Rd,
Princeton, NJ-90321
Phone: 904-102-2093

Dear Mr. Botha,

With response to your advertisement in the "Princeton Daily," dated December 24, 2011, I am applying for the position of literacy coach in Ian Bonham's Secondary School, Princeton. Being experienced in literacy coaching for over four years, I am sure that I will surely meet the candidature set by you.

I have completed my Master's degree in Arts from St.Joseph's College of Arts and Science. I also hold a bachelor's degree in education from the same college. Being an excellent performer, I was the only golden award winner student in the batch.

I have been working as a literacy coach with one of renowned public school as a literacy coach for last three years. I have handled some of the major responsibilities such as coaching the lessons, demonstrating the teaching strategies to the teachers and developing the material, which will best meet the need of the students and enlighten the teachers with the various updated techniques.

I am confident and positive that with the help of my tremendous pertinent experience and exceptional coaching skills, I will best suit the position advertised by you.

I, have, herewith, attached the updated r�sum� and copies of educational certificates for your kind reference. I am looking forward to be employed by you and contribute my best part as a literacy coach.

Sincerely yours,

Ricky Jose


The literacy coach cover letter focuses on the candidate's personal, professional, and academic experience and achievements. I am sure that this will surely award the candidate with the great opportunity.

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Looking for your very first teaching job or your third? One thing rings true: all the best credentials, experience and passion go unnoticed without a strong cover letter. The main rule? Sell yourself the way a publicist would. Sing your praises! Cover letters aren’t  a time for modesty. They’re a time to brag and make your passion for teaching known. Here are a few of our favorite teacher cover letter examples.

But first, a few tips:

Always emphasize your achievements.

Teach your students “show me, don’t tell me?” Do the opposite! Share every detail of your teaching accomplishments. Overshare all your awards, accolades, relevant certifications and completed training.

Don’t forget your work outside the classroom.

When you’re just starting out, it’s understood that your experience is limited. You can still expand on all your relevant experience working with children from running workshops to volunteering. Discuss the impact it made and why.


Always tailor EACH letter to fit the specific school, district and job for which you’re applying. Research the school and its culture so you understand their expectations and use specific examples to explain why you’re a good fit.

Here are some great teacher cover letter examples:

1. For a first time teacher

This letter (linked above) is friendly and enthusiastic. It uses concrete examples and experiences related to teaching, building a strong case for why you want to become a teacher.

2. For an experienced teacher looking for a new position

Make it short, sweet and to the point—but chock full of important career information that highlights why you’re the right candidate for the specific job available.


3. For an assistant teacher position

With this letter, a slightly different approach is taken by breaking down the most relevant achievements and accomplishments into bullet points. They’ll jump out at the hiring manager while scanning through all their applications.


4. For special education teachers

If you’re applying for a special education/lead teacher position, you’ll see that this letter is not too different from the others. It does call out the specific qualifications and experience needed.


5. For a specialist position

Here’s letter is specifically for a food service specialist. Yet, it can easily be adapted for any job that goes beyond the traditional classroom.

Do you have any more great teacher cover letter examples? We’d love to add to this list. Please share in the comments.


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